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Following our press release letter we also would like to clarify our position in a simple to read, post it on Reddit/Facebook, response format.

Opening our student centre has always been and will always be aimed at one thing: students learning workplace skills.

To do so, Industry Placements Australia has two key measures in place for our internship placements.

  1. We are accredited and insured.
  2. Our partners give us the process used to train the interns which must be compliant to the Fair Work Act.

Addressing Point 1

We have a current insurance policy to cover all interns while on placement.

Addressing Point 2

Our partner at F2 has happily released their internship training material in support of our training program.

Their training regime for the interns 12 weeks is as follows (please note, some of the links will not resolve as they are to internal F2 documents):

Recruit Training

Module 1

Test Pass Conditions: Attend Scrum planning and standups consistently for 12 weeks.

Result: Can undertake work as Trainee

Mod 1 – Basic Training – Company Structure and Ethos

Read – F2 Company Structure  

Task – in 500 words or less explain what it means to be part of Future Squared. This is open to your interpretation.

Mod 1a – Basic Training – Theories

In 500 words or less (for each) define and demonstrate in practice:

  • Google It
    • Task – Google a dictionary. Find the definition of words you don’t understand.

Mod 1b – Basic Training – Terms of Phrase

In 500 words or less (for each) define and demonstrate in practice:

What is the purpose and the point of:

  • Strategy
  • IA
  • UX
  • UI
  • Design
  • Development
  • Content
  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Marketing
  • Written Content
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Social Media
  • Advertisements

Mod 1c – F2 Systems

How to use:

Client Proforma (Practical)

Functional Specification (Practical)

Task: Create a project of your own – define a problem, a need and complete all the prerequisite documentation


Mod 1c – Administration

Email – How to email, when to email, signatures, out of office messages and CCing.

Google docs – structure, labels, commenting and doc types.

Google Calendars – How to see others calendars and book meeting with calendars

Communications – Hangouts on desktop and phone, internal comms process and contacting other employees

Agile Project Management – what is scrum, why we scrum, when to scrum, what to do if you can’t make scrum.

Task: Photos – Get photos for your accounts

All material in Recruit Training Guide is copyright of Future Squared Pty Ltd. No duplication, reuse outside of the presented format or dissertation of the material is allowed without explicit permission from Future Squared Pty Ltd.

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