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Through partnerships with leading tertiary education providers, Industry Placements Australia has facilitated the placement of over 2000+ students since commencing operations in 2012.

We are a specialist internship and graduate placement agency operating with a vision to make professional work placement a reality for all students studying at a tertiary level.
Collaborating with educational and training providers, Industry Placements Australia identifies professional, short term placement opportunities with businesses that are attended by students in connection with their studies or for the purpose of gaining relevant industry skills.

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Industry Placements Australia has built a business supporting students transition from study into employment. Join our growing community of students and universities partners and let us support you during this important and challenging time.

Industry Placements Australia’s programs give students the experience they need to enter the workforce and employers the opportunity to connect with a new generation of workers.
Students can utilise internships to satisfy study credits or jump into a placement after graduation to develop their workplace understanding and practical skills.

Professional Internship Placement
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Undergo industry-specific placements that are linked to your studies.


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Earn Credibility

Learn with relevant business projects and receive a professional reference.

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We're here for you with advice on everything from interviews, job search techniques, project management and migration.

The Professional Internship Placement

Get graduate ready while you study.


2-3 Days Per Week

Have the confidence that placements and projects managed by Industry Placements Australia meet Fairwork Australia compliance. We are the first internship recruitment agency that has been endorsed by a Fairwork Australia subsidiary partner.

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No Upfront Fees

Pay upon successful completion.

Earn Credibility

Learn with relevant business projects and receive a professional reference.

Be Supported

We’re here for you with advice on everything from interviews to migration.

Be Relevant

Undergo industry-specific placements that are linked to your studies.

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IPA works with a variety of companies and university partners.

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Candidate placement typically occurs between 12-16 weeks of registration.
Happy words from happy students

“I have been able to have firsthand experience scheduling posts and using a lot of different software that I would now go into job interviews and when I meet people for potential jobs, I’ll be able to say I have had experience using these programs, scheduling and writing blog posts to organically grow interest.”

Elliot de BruinFuture Music Industry - Social Media Marketing

“The internship has prepared me and made me even stronger. It gave me good networking and contacts for when I look for work in my life. It didn’t only prepare me well for the job market but also in my personal life, to go across hurdles and be stronger.”

Satya KalyanapuFuture Squared - Marketing

“Now that I have some capacity of professional knowledge like how project management works and how I am supposed to implement my knowledge in the real world, it has made me more confident so if I apply for another job, I will be more suitable then I was before.”

Himesh RaviFuture Squared - Web Developer

“The internship reinforced the knowledge learned from my coding boot camp and showed me how it applied in a real world project. This internship has given us the experience of working in a start up entity where we are not given
exact parameters for what to do, we were just given a “we want this outcome, go make it happen."”

Craig LockwoodFuture Squared - Programmer / Developer

“I liked having the opportunity to immerse myself in a competitive and developed labor market like the Australian where I could work with professionals from another culture and continue to improve my English learning in a different context than usual like classroom. Also enjoyed the fact that people trusted in my work and gave me different challenges within my practice.”

Camilo GuzmanIndustry Placements Australia - Marketing

“I gain more confidence in working skills in Australia. My internship gave me valuable skills that I was unaware I was missing. Thank you for your help in placing me in my dream career.”

Jun Xiang WangJunior Accounting Intern

“Migration to Australia was very difficult and trying to find a job was worse. I reached out to Industry Placements Australia for job search assistance and placement. Matthew helped me with an Engineering opportunity that gave me greater employment potential and resume writing help.

Thank you to IPA for there support. You have helped me very much.”

Mohammad MohammadElectrical Engineering Intern

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Recruit interns who learn with you.

Industry Placements Australia screens all applicants against a position description written with the host organisation to ensure that they meet the employers requirements. Employers should expect students or recent graduates who’s studies match the qualifications of the role.

We’ll find you a good match.

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Free for employers to participate.


Project support across all departments during peak times.


Individual students or group based projects.


Identify future staff without expensive recruitment fees.


All students are insured whilst onsite at your workplace.


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“We have engaged with IPA for the past 1.5 years having placed a number of interns across a variety of business streams. We have been impressed with their fast turnaround times and submission of candidates for review. I would recommend IPA to other employers for their intern needs.”

Lauren MaherHR Manager - Imperium Group Australia

“IPA has been fantastic; providing a professional service and ongoing support.”

Aaron HinesGeneral Manager - Builders Academy Australia

“JERA International has enjoyed the experience and that many of the interns will continue to volunteer from time to time and stay in touch over the years.”

Judith Van UnenCEO - Jera International

“IPA invest a lot of time, effort, and resources into developing their teams and graduates. The number one factor that's going to impact the success of any graduate and organisation is Matt and Jack’s ability to recruit, manage, motivate, and lead.

IPA provides every tool they need to make sure these processes are being managed effectively. IPA have the best program to help any graduate and company achieve that goal.

IPA are the right fit for any organisation.”

Corsina AquilinaBuilding Operations Manager - JLL

“IPA has helped our company expand into areas where we would usually not go into, through the IPA program they have helped us discover new insights and ease the pressure of staffing. The interns were very well educated and very eager to learn, and it went both ways.

Matt and the staff assisted in finding the right interns to fulfil the briefs we had plus introducing other view points we didn’t even consider. It was a good learning experience for all parties involved. Highly recommended.”

Dennis MahBusiness Development Manager - Sonaray Australia

“IPA has helped us ease the pressure of staffing. The interns were well selected, eager to learn and met our standards and therefore for us to educate.

Matt and the staff assisted in finding the right interns to fulfil our briefs. We have elected to work with IPA long term due to their commitment and professionalism. Highly recommended.”

Vytas BrazaitisDirector - Bayside Commercial Builders

IPA will consult with the client to assess their needs and further scope out project/intern requirements

Our staff will draft a position description to reflect your needs.

Client to complete and return the workplace agreement


Shortlisted candidates will be submitted within 14-20 business days


Interviews arranged at your office


Paperwork completed with successful student before they start

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