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Hosting and Intern

by Matt Strange in Internships 04/03/2018 0 comments

Industry Placements Australia’s core business is matching skilled student professionals from all industries into meaningful, relevant and fair business internships, allowing interns the opportunity to thrive and gain valuable working skills and knowledge.

Have you hosted an intern? The process is simple and the benefits for both the company and candidate are numerous.

Benefits to the candidates;

  • Provides candidates with relevant industry experience
  • Allows the candidate to break the cycle of Seek applications and interviews, allowing them to meet with the relevant industry contacts and make a fresh start in their career
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Allows the candidate to make a difference and work hard
  • Allows the candidate to utilise their skills and qualifications working within the ‘real-world’
  • Networking and communications opportunities with like minded individuals
  • Build upon experience and skills
  • Boost to their resume and LinkedIn profiles
  • Industry reference and in 40% of cases documented, candidates have been employer by their host employer

Benefits to the company (not limited to the following);

  • Assess the marketplace and assess new talent
  • Allows candidates to work on projects that may never have been started or completed previously due to lack of budget or manpower
  • Diversify their business and open up new opportunities with skilled professionals/candidates
  • Bypass the nuisance of lengthy HR process and procedure
  • Open up opportunities for staff to develop leadership and management skills leading and developing internship candidates

To register your interest and benefit from rewarding the next generation of professionals, contact us by completing our web form on our ‘Contact Us‘ page and we will be in touch.

Industry Placements Australia
E: info@industryplacements.com.au

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